Envelope printing, especially for professional businesses, is as important as ever. It is largely demanded and new orders will always be made every now and then. This opportunity gives a big profit to a lot of digital printing services. Now, there are a lot of similar services emerging, trying to take on the chance in the market. If a digital printing business wishes to survive, it will have to adapt to technology changes and be able to offer their clients the best they can get and make the business stand out, both for the company who orders printing service and the digital printing service itself.

A lot of envelope printing solutions are now available on to use. A good digital printing service must have an understanding of these solutions to be able to give the best insight and service for their customers.

1. Document Data Solutions (DDS)

iDataPrint H500 Monochrome and iDataPrint H500 ColorSpeed CMYK are available for DDS. These two have 4,25 printing module with a HP Scalable Print Module that’s already proven. DDS iDataPrint controller iDataPrint Layout Designer software offers high-quality production for envelope printing up to 500 feet every one minute.

2. Xanté

Impressia Digital Multi-Media Print System is offered by Xanté. This printing solution accommodates full-color letterhead, envelopes, cards, brochures, forms, labels, banners, and mailers printing. This system is driven by iQueue Prepress Workflow, allowing print speed of up to 78 full color #10 envelopes per minute with a high quality resolution of 2,400 dpi and a waterproof output.

3. Memjet

Printers are more advanced in inkjet technology and combined with the latest solution providers that allow them to produce higher quality products and achieve a greater engagement level. With memjet inkjet solutions, printers and marketers can offer wider and more creative options of envelopes as they support more variable data, color, full bleeds, and the capability of printing on uncommon materials such as cardboard, duplex, and windowed envelopes.

4. Spiral

Spiral offers iJetColor Press Performance Bundle that’s powered by Memjet. All the necessity of printing personalized envelopes is included in this.

5. Neopost USA

AS-970C Mach5 Printer is what’s offered by Neopost. This solution allows high speed printing across more paper and labels stock options. This is best for envelope printing and stationery, wedding, holiday, birthday cards, and invitations printing as well. It can also be used to print mail addressing, barcoding, and postage printing.

6. Pitney Bowers

This solution is best for transactional mailers as it offers Print+Messenger solution for envelope printing. It allows a high quality printing that produces vibrant images. Inks dry quicker and it is easy to operate. The image quality is up to 600 dpi in full color or monochrome with a speed up to 26,000 mail pieces per hour.

7. OKI Data

C900DP series by OKI is very ideal for printing shops that want to broaden their service by offering short term and variable data printing with high definition color that’s capable of producing up to 5000 pieces per hour. The C9000P series runs on toner with a resolution of 1,2000 x 1,2000 dpi.