Have you ever heard about poster stands? Poster stand are helpful tools to help you display posters or banners on important marketing events that are essential for you to grow your business and reach potential customers and strengthen your branding.

There are several different types of poster stands that you can choose, however, the decision depends on the money that you have as well as where you are going to put your posters or banners in. For example, do you want to put it indoors or outdoors? Think about the answers to these questions before we start in a bit.

Let’s go over the types of poster stands that are currently popular:

1. Simple Poster Stand

The simple banner stand is a suitable type of poster stand to be used indoors in large spaces such as department stores, commercial centers, museums, malls, and more. Simple poster stands have a simple structure, usually colored black or chrome. The legs of this type of poster stand are easily folded, making it simple and quick to uninstall and store away. Even if you only have yourself to handle this poster stand, you don’t have to worry because it is definitely manageable.

2. Flexi Poster Stand

This type of poster stand has a more complicated structure compared to the one mentioned before. However, if only one panel is used, then you can hold a vertical banner or poster with this poster stand. The panels can be connected into a single banner stand if you want to install a large horizontal banner or poster. Flexi poster stand is also still quite lightweight that it can be easily transported to places once it gets folded nicely. A Flexi banner is most suitable to be used indoors, but some people do find it quite durable used outdoors as well, however temporarily.

3. Pole Stand

The pole stand is a type of poster stand that can be easily assembled by connecting several different poles before installing it with a poster or banner. To affix the poster or banner to the pole stand, then you will need special grommets for this along with special tape or rails. This type of poster stand is the best for mobile exhibitions and displays because this type of poster stand can be easily dismounted and transported at any time. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it the perfect poster stand for mobile and versatile users.

4. Retractable Poster Stand

A retractable poster stand is really popular, so it is in high demand. The reason for this is its convenience. A retractable poster stand can be easily rolled so it’s very easy to use. A retractable poster stand can be simply disconnected from the base and fastened to the pole to mount it. It is a very ideal poster stand for any business because it can be easily transported and installed, so even one person can handle this poster stand. Moreover, a retractable poster stand is good for both outdoor and indoor uses.