As you already know and are familiar with, stickers are an effective medium of information for promotional purposes. You can easily make it in sticker printing in Singapore. In the process, stickers are used by placing it to a certain surface that allows stickers to be attached. These surfaces can be in the form of paperboard, PVC or plastic, metal, aluminum, etc. However, have you ever put a sticker on a surface, but it ended badly? This article contains an explanation regarding tips for sticking a sticker properly so that your stickers can be seen as clearly as you want. 

1. Make Sure You Start with a Clean Surface. 

Before you stick the sticker on to any surface, it is better if you wash it first. Washing can be done using soap or rubbing alcohol if you wish. For comparison, you can use a 1: 1 ratio of water and alcohol. You can also use plain water if you feel that the surface is clean and you only need to remove a little dust. Basically, dust on the surface will affect stickers in terms of how strong the sticker will stick. This is because the surface that should be attached by the adhesive material, has been ‘taken’ by the dust on the surface in the first place. Your sticker will still stick, but will be very easy to peel off. You don’t want that to happen, do you? So make sure the surface you are going to stick on, has been cleaned first, even if it’s only washed with water. 

2. Put It When the Temperature Is In Good Condition 

To produce a sticker that is attached properly, you want to make sure that you stick it when the temperature and weather are good. Avoid sticking it when it’s freezing cold or scorching hot. This will reduce the level of adhesion that will result from the adhesive sticker material. Mostly, people attach stickers to get the best results at a temperature of 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. 

3. A Masking Tape? Why Not? 

The masking tape will be enough to help you make sure the sticker is in the exact position you want. First, you decide which part of the sticker you want to attach, then you make sure the edges have a few cm gaps for the masking tape. Attach the masking tape around it, then stick your sticker on the inside of the masking tape. Make sure you put it in the place that you want. After that, you can slowly lift the masking tape. This will result in a neat and pleasant-looking sticker. 

4. The Wet Method 

Basically, you can stick your sticker on without using any help. You only need to remove the back, then you can directly attach it on a certain surface. However, if you want to attach a sticker that is large enough, maybe you can consider this method. First, you can mix water and soap with a ratio of 95% water and 5% soap, put it in a bottle, then spray it on the surface where the sticker is going to be affixed. Then, place the sticker while the area is still wet, this will prevent the sticker from sticking directly, instead, the sticker will be easily moved and positioned as you want. In a few minutes, the area will dry and your sticker will placed properly.