As the company stamp is no longer mandatory, more people start to dismiss the use of this item. However, if you are a business owner, you must really consider getting a company seal for your business. Why? Here are several reasons why you should get a company seal:

1. Company seal helps save time

Company seal can help people shorten the time needed to complete a task, especially as a business owner or a company director. If you are a decision maker in a company, then you often will have to sign documents on a daily basis. This task can get really tedious and tiring to do. A company seal is a valid replacement for your signature and can be used as a substitute for your signature for the document. With a company seal, you can work much easier and at a shorter time, increasing your work efficiency and saving up energy by the end of the day.

2. Appear more credible with a company seal

Firms or businesses that use the company seal can appear more credible, reputable, and trusted. With this, you can create better relationships and build stronger trust with the important links and affiliations of your business so that you can continuously grow your business smoothly over the years.

3. Company seal’s mark promotes brand awareness

Aside from being a stationery for business, a company seal can also help in improving brand awareness. Not only that, but a company stamp can also promote the business and familiarize the brand toward its potential customers.

That’s why it is important to make a company stamp that is able to give off the right impression. One of the ways you can do it is by ensuring that you are manufacturing your company stamp in a reputable manufacturing service. But before that, you also have to be able to make a good company stamp design as well as company logo so that it can look more appealing.

Once you’ve already made your company stamp, you might be questioning some things, such as who is authorized to use a company stamp and whether or not a company stamp can be recognized out of the country.

1. Who can use a company stamp

A company stamp can be used by the company director or a decision maker for the company. The company director can also approve authority or permission to use the company stamp for someone else, such as the secretary especially during emergency or urgent situations for example when a document needs to get authorized when the company director is not present in the company or office.

2. Company stamp uses out of the country

A company stamp is valid to use outside of its original country especially for legal and business purposes as long as it includes all the necessary elements for a recognized company stamp such as the logo, name, and registration number. In case the company director cannot be present to use it overseas, then the authority of use can be approved for a representative of the company.