About Us

There is a mutual benefit and gain for a relationship established between any small company or firm and our nonprofit organization. We at Havens Center, facilitate the small startups, and companies by sponsoring, asking for donations, and coordinating with all forms of projects that they take over. We serve with the volunteer hours and the small firms usually give away their time and human resources that they possess. We advise all the companies by formulating robust strategies that can help them to lead through a brilliant and productive part. We provide a boost to the funds and charity by serving you with the right advice. 

We do not target at an immediate share in any form of a ratio; however, we mainly concentrate towards your company’s growth by initiating all steps slowly and gradually. Limitation tour policies is not an option as we at Havens Center, provide a thrust to all our clients and their employees. Companies can eventually use their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as one of the matching programs for the community that they serve. 

Havens Center has a lot to give and provide as we appropriately give all small businesses with the adequate information towards their growth and strongly emphasize explaining the cause to the supporters. We list out a variety of resources so that the supporters and the donors can find a robust answer before investing or donating towards your firm. According to our thoughts and policies, a resource page listing the following can be beneficial for all the companies: 

  1. Events for fundraising. 
  1. Online forms for donations. 
  1. Creation of volunteering opportunities. 
  1. Online pages for crowd funding. 
  1. Software based on text-to-give. 
  1. Corporate donation programs. 
  1. And many more. 

We recommend resource pages that can serve to be very fruitful for your firm and can simultaneously provide inspiration and encouragement for all the charitable fence-sitters. Employees possessing an inspiration towards philanthropy can encourage their firms to seek the right advice from our non-profit organizations and become one of their active corporate members. 

All employees from your organization can gain a strong base by achieving the unpaid volunteer position which can turn out to be a good fit as per their level of commitment and can serve them with a long-term and stable position. The board members can eventually turn out to be extravagant donors with a vast and extensive set in knowledge in the sector and industry. We do not let anyone provide a halt to your business and try to carry your small firm to the larger scale in today’s advanced and digitalized world. Pursuing a seat with our organization here at Havens Center has no limits, and you can set your position with us anytime. 

There is an extensive CSR for most of the small organizations as soon as they join hands with Havens Center. We provide with the ultimate solutions and guidance to enhance the skills of your company and lead it to a newer path for better productivity and fast growth in the corporate world.