Can’t decide which material is perfect for banner printing? We recommend you PVC or polyvinyl chloride material. Banners printed on PVC material will come out as a high-quality banner that is sturdy and durable, perfect for any kind of weather, making it the best material for outdoor banners. Not only that, but banner printing is also easier on this material, and you will get vibrant colors that make your banner look a lot better compared to printing with other materials. Most importantly, PVC material is affordable especially considering the various benefits and advantages it offers. 

Of course, to maximize the result of the banner that you can get with this material, you have to be able to design it well. We’ve accumulated a few important design tips that you must remember to design a spectacular looking banner that works effectively. To find out more info you can visit Professor Sticker Printing Singapore

1. Logo Placement 

As you advertise and market your business, it is essential that you can also raise brand awareness so that your efforts can be effective. High brand awareness is a way to help you win the market and raise your profits as well. One of the easiest ways to do this is by including the logo of your company or brand on the design of your brand. Make sure that you place your logo on a place that is easily noticed by everyone. However, don’t make it overwhelming. It needs to be visible, but not domineering. Also, make sure that the logo of your brand is of high quality so that it looks sharp and crisp, making you appear more proper and professional. Your target audience and potential customer can grow to trust you and they can gradually learn to associate your logo with your brand. 

2. Choose Appropriate Background Color 

The background color of your banner must be suitable for all light levels. Indeed, ideally, the banner that you design should come in bright colors. However, colors that are too vibrant tend to be difficult to be seen when there’s too much light. Try to find one that can still be seen even under bright lights. But not only that, it needs to be able to be seen when it is dark as well. Since your banner will work twenty-four hours, seven days a week, it needs to be able to do its job well at any time of the day, whether it is during daytime or nighttime. 

3. Choose a Font That’s Easy to be Read From Any Distance 

People usually walk or drive past your banner. It is best that your banner can be read from a distance so that people can have more time to glance through the entirety of your banner. To make sure of this, choose a font size that is big enough. But font size is not the only important thing when it comes to designing a banner. You also have to remember to stick to two to three font styles maximum to create a pleasant-looking banner. If there are too many different font styles, your banner will look messy and unprofessional instead. 

4. Don’t Clutter the Design of Your Banner 

A banner sure is big, and it can fit a lot of words and images. However, that doesn’t mean that you should fill all the empty spaces in your banner. Keep it to a minimum; choose words that are simple to understand and limit yourself from inserting too many unnecessary supporting images.