Nancy Folbre: "The Socialist Feminist Imaginary"

NANCY FOLBRE is Professor of Economics at the University of
Massachusetts Amherst. Her research explores the interface between
political economy and feminist theory, with a particular emphasis on
the value of unpaid care work. In addition to numerous articles
published in academic journals, she is the author of Greed, Lust, and
Gender: A History of Economic Ideas (Oxford, 2009), Valuing Children:
Rethinking the Economics of the Family (Harvard, 2009), Who Pays for
the Kids?: Gender and the Structures of Constraint (Routledge, 1994)
and co-editor, with Michael Bittman, of Family Time: The Social
Organization of Care (Routledge, 2004). Books she has written for a
wider audience include Saving State U (New Press, 2010); The Field
Guide to the U.S. Economy (with James Heintz and Jonathan
Teller-Elsberg, New Press, 2006 and earlier editions), The Invisible
Heart: Economics and Family Values (New Press, 2001), and The War on
the Poor: A Defense Manual (with Randy Albelda, New Press, 1996). She
currently coordinates a working group on care work sponsored by the
Russell Sage Foundation. You can read her regular contribution to the
New York Times Economix Blog at