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Arlie Hochschild: "Global Traffic in Female Service: Nannies, Surrogates, and Emotional Labor"

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A U.C. Berkeley sociologist, Arlie Hochschild is the author of The
Managed Heart, The Second Shift, The Time Bind, The Commercialization
of Intimate Life and the co-edited Global Woman: Nannies, Maids and Sex
Workers in the New Economy. She is the winner of the A.S.A. Jessie
Bernard Award,  and the 2000 Public Understanding of Sociology Award.
Three of her books   have been selected as “notable books of the year”
by the New York Times Book Review, plays have been based on two and her
work has been translated into 14 languages. She’s finishing a book on
the Commodity Frontier. According to Professor Hochschild, we live on a
commodity frontier. On one side of it, we find unpaid intimate life and
on the other side, we find goods and activities we pay for. This