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Stuart White: "Basic Income versus Basic Capital: Can we Resolve the Disagreement?"543366
Stuart White: "Basic Capital versus Higher Education Subsidies"363488
Dawn-Elissa Fischer: "Blackness, Race and Politics in Japanese Hip Hop"348248
Diane Elson: "Gender Dimensions of the Global Financial Crisis"428353
S. Craig Watkins: "To Be Young, Black and Digital: Hip Hop's Future in the Digital Age"263669
S. Craig Watkins: "The Hip Hop Lifestyle: Exploring the Perils and Possibilities of Black Youth's Media Environment"293668
Jeff Chang and Mark Anthony Neal: "Getting Real: The Future of Hip Hop Studies Scholarship"807901
Charles Mills: "Racial Justice"547274
Charles Mills: "Liberalism and Race"397071
Juan Flores: "Caribeño Counterstream: Puerto Rican, Dominican and Cuban Diasporas on the Move"517611
Juan Flores: "Coming Home to Roost: Rethinking Diaspora and Cultural Remittances"347446
Raquel Z. Rivera: "New York Bomba: Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and a Bridge Called Haiti"597570
Raquel Z. Rivera: "Reggaeton's Socio-Sonic Circuitry: From Jamaica and New York, to Panama, Puerto Rico and Beyond"5621142
Saskia Sassen: "Towards Novel Assemblages of Territory, Authority, and Rights"31936
Marc Rodriguez: "The Jury Right in Comparative Context: Reconsidering Hernandez v. Texas"16944
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