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Marc Rodriguez: "The Tejano Diaspora in Action: Texas, Wisconsin, and the Civil and Labor Rights Movement of the 1960s"191558
Jorge Duany: "The Dominican Diaspora: A Transnational Perspective"21985
Jorge Duany: "The Puerto Rican Diaspora: Changing Settlement Patterns and Cultural Identities"211302
Jefferson Cowie: "In Search of the Postmodern Working Class"6914529
Jefferson Cowie: "No Time for Dreams: The Unmaking of the American Working Class in the 1970s"401508
Ethel Brooks: ""Missing Pakistanis: Gender, Citizenship and the War on Terror""3115185
Ethel Brooks: ""Unraveling the Garment Industry: Transnational Organizing and Women's Work""16949
Bill Fletcher Jr.: "Strangers in a Strange Land: African American-Immigrant Tensions and the Potential for Unity in the 21st Cen111675
Bill Fletcher, Jr.: "The Crisis of Organized Labor and Possibilities of Renewal"171053
Marta Soler: "Overcoming Social Exclusion: The Role of Critical Communicative Methodology"678709
Marta Soler: "Beyond Bourdieu: Community Involvement for Social Change"457671
Dorian T. Warren: "Wal-Mart Comes to the City: Race, Class and the New Politics of Accountable Development"611104
Dorian T. Warren: "Inequality, Marginalized Workers and the Politics of US Labor"441078
Uriel Leviatan: "The Transformation of Kibbutzim in Israel"291195
Uriel Leviatan: "Socioeconomic Inequality, Social Capital and Wellbeing in Kibbutz Communities"131252
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