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Gary Segura: "What is a Latino? A Multifaceted Theory of Latino Identity and its Political Effects"15248
Gary Segura: "Social Class, Economic Policy Preferences, and Self-Interest"17245
Dorothy Roberts: "Why Care"1251223
Tommie Shelby: "Impure Dissent: Hip Hop & the Political Ethics of Marginalized Black Urban Youth"130829
Tommie Shelby: ""Liberalism, Self-Respect, & the Ghetto Poor""47407
Thavolia Glymph: "‘Turned into the Streets’: Black Women and Children Refugees in the Civil War"48397
Thavolia Glymph: "‘Negro Outlaws’: Enslaved Women on the Home Front"29274
Karl Schlögel: "'Soviet Detroit' or How Mother Russia became Modern"24436
Karl Schlögel: ""Writing the History of a River – The Problem of Narration in Historiography""16240
Joy James: ""Women and Political Imprisonment: From Rosa Parks to Ramona Afrika""19297
Joy James: ""Refusing Blackness as Victimization: Trayvon Martin & the Black Cyborgs""178529
Ilan Pappé: "Squaring the Circle: The Failure of the Middle East Peace Process"847210
Ilan Pappe: "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, 1948-1967"736111
Guy Standing: "The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class"10410422
Boaventura de Sousa Santos: "A Postcolonial Conception of Citizenship and Interpersonal Human Rights"775576
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