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George Friday: "Acting for Change in the World: Today's Imperative"2422777
Lois Weis: "Engaging research across difference: Towards a critical theory of method in shifting times"2622760
Howard Zinn: "The Uses of History and the War on Terrorism"2373313
Harriet Friedman: "Shooting Star of Codex Alimentarius"1643476
Ernst Fehr: "The Neural mechanisms of altruistic behavior and norm compliance"191995
Gregory Wilpert: "The Meaning of 21st Century Socialism for Venezuela"2312934
Mustapha Barghouthi: "Peace and Democracy: The Reality of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict"1863434
Gregory Wilpert: "Autocracy and Democracy in the Venezuelan Conflict"2122305
Mustapha Barghouthi: "Democracy in Palestine: The Role of Civil Society"1986159
Sheila Jasanoff: "The Imagined Earth: Reflections on the Human Place in Nature"2422463
Maria Hadjipavlou: "Crossing to the Other Side in a Divided Cyprus: Who is the Guest and Who the Visitor?"1955498
Maria Hadjipavlou: "Dismantling Walls, Building Community / Citizenship: Cypriots across and against the Divide"2022773
George Galloway: "Stand Up and Be Counted: No to War and Occupation"2223783
Michael Lynch: "DNA Testing, Fingerprinting, and the Credibility of Expert Evidence"2088336
Marguerite Mendell and Nancy Neamtan: "The Social Economy in Quebec. An Agenda for Economic Democracy"2214755
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