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Julie Guthman: "Are we all Neoliberal Now?"1041554
Julie Guthman: "The Unbearable Whiteness of Alternative Food"11603500
Michael Burawoy: "Intellectuals and their Publics: Bourdieu Inherits Mills"1402009
Michael Burawoy: "Antinomies of Feminism: De Beauvoir meets Bourdieu"552262
Nancy Krieger: "The Science and Epidemiology of US Cancer Disparities: Race/Ethnicity, Class, Gender, and the Risk of Cancer"297347
Nancy Krieger: "The Elephants in the Room: Social Justice, Public Health and Health Inequities"514569
Michael Burawoy: "Colonialism and Revolution: Fanon meets Bourdieu"922093
Michael Burawoy: "Is there a Working Class?: Burawoy meets Bourdieu"502001
Michael Burawoy: "Durable Domination: Gramsci meets Bourdieu"1752030
Michael Burawoy: "The Political Economy of Sociology: Marx Meets Bourdieu"1362174
Cynthia Mil Duncan: "Place Matters: A Review of Poverty and Development Challenges"481791
Cynthia Mil Duncan: "Worlds Apart: Politics, Class and Culture"791978
Sarah Igo: "Citizens and Social Knowledge"13013330
Gabriel Prado: "Peruvian Security Contractors in Iraq"431941
McCoy, Perret, and Kucia: "Military & Security Privatization in War & Conflict"382273
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