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Chris Bertram: "Challenges to sufficiency as a criterion for justice"1503434
Marguerite Mendell and Nancy Neamtan: "The Social Economy in Quebec. Constructing a New Paradigm"1662229
Elizabeth Minnich and Si Kahn: "The Fox in the Henhouse: How Privatization Threatens Democracy"2063030
Chris Bertram: "Democracy, capability and the sufficiency threshold"1842877
Walter Johnson: "'The Negro Fever,' the South, and the Effort to Re-open the Atlantic Slave Trade"26013868
Nicholas Lynch: "The Politics of Education and Reform in Peru"2128558
Walter Johnson: "Freedom's Servant: Slavery, Freedom and Reparations as a Theory of History"2898275
Robert Connell: "Men, masculinities and gender justice in global context"4632418
Robert Connell: "The northern theory of globalization: a critique from the far south"2802161
Sandra Harding: "Science and Multiple Modernities"2312383
Sandra Harding: "Science and Multiple Modernities"1572317
Emily Martin: "Taking the Measure of Moods"1932868
Emily Martin: "Taking the Measure of Moods"2132162
Emily Martin: "Transcribing Emotions in Everday Life"2107567
Sandra Harding: "Have Women Ever Been Modern? Political and Scientific Issues"1707087
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